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TVS utilizes one of the largest databases in the country for criminal record searches, all electronic information that is made available you have access to.

Select your State from the drop down menu to determine what information is available to you:

To further minimize risk it is a good idea to contact the County Court House in the jurisdiction where the Prospective Tenant has lived and inquire to see if you can request a criminal record search.


Each County has its own set of rules but you can find out by calling.


Refer to Fees on the home page for cost of criminal record search.



TVS obtains a C.P.I.C. check from a CDN Police Agency, a separate consent form is required which can be obtained from the forms section after you become a member, the prospective tenant signs the consent form, it is faxed to TVS and then to the Police Agency for a search. The turn a round time is 2-14 hrs. If there is a criminal record you will know what it is for, if there is no criminal record you are simply advised that no record was found. Criminal Record checks should be part of your landlord criteria particularly when renting out a single family dwelling to ensure that there is no criminal record for drug trafficking etc.

Tenant checks of this nature are imperative as they deter criminals that wish to use your rental property that involves criminal enterprise. i.e. marijuana grow operations.


Refer to Fees on the home page for costs.