Collect Tenant Debts

Collect Tenant Debts

(applicable to U.S.A. Landlords only)

Do You Have (ex) Tenants That Owe You Money?

TVS has forged an alliance with Fidelity Information Corporation that will transform your tenant debts into cash in your bank account. At Fidelity we offer two options for tenant debt collections:


Option 1: Contingency Collection

Contingency Collection with Tenant Verification Service if you need to collect tenant debtsWe will collect all your tenant debts at no cost, unless we are successful. This is called "Contingency Collections". We aggressively pursue your tenant collections through all legal and ethical means available. And we are only paid if we are successful at collecting your tenant debt. If for any reason we are not successful, there is no cost or risk to you at all.

Signing up for Contingency Collections is very simple. All you need to do is send a copy of your tenant debt file to us, along with a copy of our signed agreement. We do the rest!


Option 2: Collect the debts Yourself

Collect Tenant Debts yourself using Tenant Verification Service free online serviceFidelity and TVS have teamed up to help you collect your own tenant debt without paying a contingency fee to us or any other collection agency. Essentially, we have created an online, self-service collection agency. Here you can collect your unpaid rental fees and any other money owed to you by your ex tenants.

There is no requirement for you to use this self-service collection agency. We simply provide it as a courtesy to help save you money. Click below to start: