Eviction Search (USA ONLY)

The Eviction Search is sourced from one of the largest Eviction databases in the U.S. The combined database displays money judgments, possession-only judgments, skips and property damage claims. Please see the example below for the kinds of information provided by the Eviction Search.

Note: In the event that there is a name match but the address does not match what is on the rental application, TVS can obtain previous address(es) for the prospective tenant that may assist in determining whether he/she has lived there, or not. If the prospective tenant however does not meet your criteria for credit worthiness based on the credit report, then this may be a moot point and not necessary. You can compare the address that appears on the Eviction Search to the addresses on the address verification to help determine if it is your Prospective Tenant.

Tenant Verification Service eviction record searches example

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