Criminal Record Check USA

Avoid Bad Tenants with a Detailed Criminal Record Check USA


A criminal record check is a very important part of the tenant screening process. A criminal record check can help further reduce your risk of income loss and help you to choose an Applicant that is tenant worthy. A criminal r ecord check is a data base search that can be ordered 24/7 with instant results. A criminal record check accesses criminal conviction, arrest, sexual offender registry, Department of Corrections, Traffic and Administrative Court records across the US and will provide information on any match to your prospective tenant. It is important to note that when ordering a criminal record check, each state differs in what type of information they release publicly and electronically. For al full coverage list of what is included in the criminal record check, please see our Fees page.


To further reduce your risk, it is also a good idea to conduct a county court house search in the jurisdiction where the prospective tenant has resided. You can contact the court house in the prospective tenant's jurisdiction for more information. This type of tenant screening will minimize your risk and ensure that your landlord business remains a success.


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