Tenant Screening

It used to be that 15-20 years ago a hand shake was good enough to seal the deal in not just tenant screening, but most transactions. People really were as good as their word. In today's society a hand shake just doesn't cut it. tenant screening including tenant credit checks, eviction record searches and criminal record checks are a necessary part in determining if your prospective tenant has a good rental history and will be a rent worthy tenant for you.

TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc. provides landlords, property managers and realtors with the reports necessary to help with their tenant verification and screening needs. TVS can provide tenant credit checks (also known as consumer credit history) from Experian Credit Bureau in the USA and Equifax or Trans Union Credit Bureau in Canada. Criminal record and eviction searches are available in the USA only.

TVS offers tenant verification and tenant screening solutions online in real time delivery, meaning you can obtain most reports within 1-2 minutes.

TVS also recommends that you perform further due diligence in addition to the reports you obtain from our tenant verification and tenant screening service. Contact any previous landlords with regards to their rental history and inquire as to what type of tenant they were. i.e.: Were they noisy? Did they leave any damage? Did they pay their rent on time? It is also recommended that you contact their employer to determine if they have stable employment.

Before you do any tenant screening to help prevent landlord fraud, it is a good idea to first determine what criteria you would like your prospective tenant to meet. Determine first what would constitute a good rental history and what qualifications you would like your prospective tenant to meet, this way you will not be discriminating against any applicants as you will be using the same criterion for each one.



Landlord and Tenant Information

The relationship between a landlord and tenant should be a healthy one so that both can enjoy the benefits. In many instances this is not the case. To help make the relationship easier it is a good idea for both tenants and landlords to know their rights and responsibilities. If both sides are educated and understand the process of being a landlord and being a tenant, then hopefully the result will be a happy relationship that will last. To help educate yourself whether you are the landlord or the tenant, please visit www.tenantsinfo.com.

Both Tenants and Landlords have a responsibility to each other and where respect is shown, tenancy and the landlord business is much more satisfying and rewarding for both parties involved. Many landlords and tenants decide to utilize tenant verification services and tenant screening to minimize their mutual risks. Tenants and Landlords can prevent unnecessary tenancy problems by having criteria that must be met prior to signing a lease/tenancy agreement. Be sure to check out more www.tenantsinfo.com about the need for landlords & tenants to respect and know each other's own rights & responsibilities.

Tenant verification and tenant screening are services for Landlords and Housing Providers that assist in identifying tenants that meet landlord criteria and serves to minimize risk that is posed by undesirable tenants in the tenant community.

Tenant verification and tenant screening should be part of the tenant criteria process because:

  • tenant screening minimizes the risk of renting to tenants that are not an asset to the tenant community. i.e. noisy, unruly, compromise safety of other tenants, criminal activity etc. Good tenants want to live with other good tenants in safe harmonious surroundings that afford them a good lifestyle.
  • Generally landlords who screen their tenants have a criteria or certain standard that must be met and that usually means that the landlord takes pride in his landlord business which directly benefits the tenant. Generally there will be fewer problems as the landlord wants to please and retain a good tenant; it is much more profitable when landlords have responsible tenants that contribute positively to the tenant environment. This benefits tenants!

Tenant Reports and Checks

Tenant Credit Check - *Tenant Criminal Record Search - *Tenant Eviction Search

TVS is a Credit Reporting Agency that serves the needs of the Residential Rental Industry by providing fraud prevention tools which target delinquent tenants. Specific areas of investigation include credit report tenants (Canada and USA), and *criminal record search tenants (USA only) and *eviction search tenants (USA only). The primary goal of TVS Tenant Verification Service is to assist landlords in identifying and thereby eliminating delinquent tenants as potential renters. Credit worthiness and Tenant worthiness are two criteria for landlords to determine for prospective renters. Our Operating Instructions and our Landlord Guide are additional tools that will assist in that regard. Tenant verification and tenant screening is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable rental business, all tenant checks should meet the criteria as previously mentioned, and TVS can help! *eviction searches for most USA States via First Advantage, and criminal checks via First Advantage are not available in Canada.

  • TVS obtains a tenant credit report that includes a Credit score for site inspected members from a Major Credit Bureau(s). TVS can conduct a criminal record search (USA only) on your Prospective Tenant(s) and an eviction search (USA only).
  • TVS helps landlords prevent criminal fraud and reduce the risk of income loss with an effective tenant screening service that includes a Notice to Tenant which is an Impact Statement. It advises the consequences for leaving a landlord stuck with unpaid rental fees or damaged rental property that results in a debt.
  • The TVS network targets delinquent tenants and provides a consequence for those who play the fraud rental game. Landlords assist one another by reporting the Rent Payments of their tenants to the TVS database.
  • Property Managers, Apartment Managers and Associations that have numerous queries each month can enjoy direct access to the TVS database.

Avoid Bad Tenants with a Detailed United States Tenant Check

Unfortunately as a landlord the only protection that you have against a bad tenant is the due diligence that you conduct that helps to identify the risk, you require a thorough system that will assist you with this. TVS offers you a complete system that allows you to do a United States tenant check helps prevent criminal fraud and minimizes risk of tenant fraud.

Why put yourself in a position where you spend hours of your valuable time and money in court trying to chase what is normally an uncollectible debt? TVS offers a variety of services that include deterrent and incentive forms which will help you perform thorough tenant verification and tenant screening in the United States.

Obtaining credit, criminal and eviction checks on Prospective Tenants are valuable landlord tools, and the forms, and explanation guides enhance TVS's U.S. tenant credit check system and provides a more effective USA tenant screening for United States landlords.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the system that is offered here, the reports, the forms and the tips and advice, it will make you a better and more profitable landlord without the stress and hassle that often is associated with bad tenants and possible tenant fraud.

Learn the system; you will be glad that you did.

Criminal Record Check USA

A criminal record check is a very important part of the tenant verification and tenant screening process. A criminal record check can help further reduce your risk of income loss and help you to choose a rent worthy tenant. A criminal record check is a data base search that can be ordered 24/7 with instant results. A criminal record check accesses criminal conviction, arrest, sexual offender registry, Department of Corrections, Traffic and Administrative Court records across the US and will provide information on any match to your prospective tenant. It is important to note that when ordering a criminal record check, each state differs in what type of information they release publicly and electronically. For a full coverage list of what is included in the criminal record check, please see our Fees page.

To further reduce your risk, it is also a good idea to conduct a county court house search in the jurisdiction where the prospective tenant has resided. You can contact the court house in the prospective tenant's jurisdiction for more information.

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