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Criminal Record Search

A tenant criminal record search minimizes risk of landlord liability. sample

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There are high risk tenants and low risk tenants.

Landlords should conduct as much due diligence as is reasonably necessary to ensure the safety of other tenants, neighbors and themselves.

Credit + Criminal + Eviction

Free Eviction Report-No Cost No membership fees of any kind. It's Pay as You Go.

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Tenant Credit Decision Report

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Credit Report

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Credit File sample
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Landlord Credit Bureau

Report Tenant Pay Habits

Report Pay Habits to help tenants build another tenant screening report Collect your rent on time with this form! Learn how to Run a Tenant Credit Check on a Tenant. This is the most comprehensive way on how to run a tenant credit report.
Notice to Tenant TVS is a tenant verification services that offers a variety of tenant screening reports such as credit checks.

Tenant Fraud Includes

delinquent tenants who use landlords as a revolving line of credit. They never pay rent and often cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to one rental unit...

The Relationship Between

a landlord and tenant should be a healthy one so that both can enjoy the benefits. In many instances this is not the case...

Tenant Screening Includes

Tenant credit check, eviction record search and criminal record check as a necessary part in determining if your prospective tenant...

A Credit Reporting Agency

that serves the needs of the Residential Rental Industry by providing fraud prevention tools which target delinquent tenants. Run a tenant credit check or a Tenant Screening.

Reports & Low Fees

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Tenant Screening Reduces Risk


USA Tenant Screening and Criminal Background checks reduce risk

Years ago a hand shake sealed many business deals, today that is no longer the case and due diligence is conducted for business transactions and lease agreements. For landlords and property managers that due diligence is called tenant screening through tenant screening services.

There are high risk tenants and low risk tenants when running Tenant screening, high risk tenants use landlords as a revolving line of credit and are responsible for tens of millions in lost income dollars annually by not simply using tenant screening. Make sure that this doesn't happen to you with TVS's Tenant screening services.

Tenant screening includes Tenant Screening Services like Tenant Checks, Tenant Background Screening and Tenant credit report. Reducing rental income loss by obtaining a tenant screening credit report and a tenant background check is what savvy landlords and property managers do. A hand shake no longer has credibility over Tenant screening.

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