When have you heard that tenant screening benefits tenants? It does and here is why.

  • Landlords and property managers who screen their prospective tenants care about their rental property. They want to know who is getting the key to an expensive piece of real estate and they want to ensure that it's going to be looked after. They want to make sure that the rent will be paid and on time. This all serves to enhance the rental unit that you are going to live in and generally shows that pride is taken in presenting you with a nice livable rental accommodation.
  • Tenant screening, weeds out high-risk tenants that may be a risk factor to you or your family, either from a physical perspective or a stress related factor. Think about it ... would you want someone that resorts to crime for a living, residing in the same rental community? Someone who threatens you or a family member because you‘ve made a complaint or a comment? There are many reasons why you wouldn‘t want a high-risk tenant in your rental community or complex.

Tenant screening that includes tenant background checks and a tenant credit report are vital to a good tenant community and the landlord business.

TVS authenticates the landlord or property manager who requests your consumer reports. This means that the landlord or property manager is identified. There should be no tenant fraud where an Individual purports to be a landlord and takes a security deposit from 20 tenants before it is learned that he is a fraudster.

Authenticating the tenant and the landlord is the best way to eliminate identity theft.

TVS benefits tenants because it is less costly when applying for rent with more than one landlord or property manager in the same time frame. Each rental application likely has a $35.00 -$50.00 fee attached to it. With TVS, tenants can obtain their own credit report within the same 30-day period at a reduced cost. And the same criminal and eviction report can be used for a 30-day period. This means considerable savings when applying for rent with more than one landlord in the same time frame.

Another benefit of ordering an own consumer credit report is the fact that tenants get to see what's on it. Have you ever seen a copy of your consumer credit file? Probably not, very few tenants have. So tenants will know what their score is and they will know who has been making inquiries. Anybody making inquiries on a new credit application requires your consent to do so. You can report unauthorized access to the credit bureau if that is the case.
Go here: http://www.experian.com/disputes/main.html

Every time a landlord or property manager requests your consumer credit report, 3 points are deducted from your score. When ordering your OWN consumer credit report, there are NO POINTS deducted from your score. BENEFIT!

Why should a Landlord or property manager report your Rent Payments?

Where rent is reported as paid on time, a tenant can receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy; this makes a positive impact statement to a new landlord or property manager when applying for rent.

Landlords want to know that rent is going to be paid on time as they usually have a mortgage and other bills that need to be paid on time. Receiving rent payments on time reduces many incidents of stress and risk for a landlord and property manager.

If what we do benefits you ...

You can refer a landlord to TVS to continue reporting Rent Payments in a positive manner.
You can refer a friend or family member to TVS so that they might benefit as well.

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What do I do if I don't have a good credit score? Enhance your Rent Application

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