TVS has the easiest most effective tenant screening process in the Industry:

  • efficient because it doesn’t take much time to complete the request for tenant screening reports.
  • effective because the prospective tenant orders his/her own tenant credit check and tenant background checks. How quickly the process is completed, may be an indicator as to how he/she will comply with requests as a tenant, and make on time rent payments. This may be an effective way to screen out prospective tenants with bad habits ... which may be slow response or being non-compliant.
  • easy because the dashboard and operating instructions are extremely helpful when requesting tenant screening reports.

Take the Risk out of Renting

Being a landlord or a property manager brings with it a certain amount of risk, and it comes in the form of high-risk tenants who use landlords and property managers as a personal line of credit. They do this because in most instances there is no consequence.

It is important then to conduct a thorough tenant background check that includes the reports offered via this website, and interviewing current and perhaps previous landlord to determine tenant worthiness. You should determine employment status, obtain a W2 or pay stub, and bank statements to show that paychecks are deposited and rent can be paid with a check.

Landlords and property managers should have a list of criteria that each prospective tenant must meet. This is good for two reasons:

  1. You know what to do in each instance that helps to minimize your risk of rental income loss.
  2. If each prospective tenant has to meet the same criterion, there is less risk of being seen as discriminatory.

Risk in the form of bad tenants and liability are a landlords worst nightmare.

What is liability risk? It comes in many forms ... particularly where landlords don‘t know their Rights & Responsibilities as stipulated in State Tenancy Laws, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Human Rights Act, etc. "I DIDN‘T KNOW" is not an accepted excuse in a courtroom! Make yourself familiar with the main criterion for landlord responsibilities that falls under each of the above noted ACTS. TVS helps you out somewhat, read on.

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It is extremely important that you know where to find information that relates to landlord and tenant law. You can go here and to for some information. The links section on this website provides you with important website links to what is mentioned above.

Tenant screening, tenant background checks and tenant credit reports, are buzz words or key phrases that are used on a website to help the search engines determine what the website does. So to should landlords know what these terminologies are, as they are the due diligence that needs to be conducted to minimize risk of rental income loss. This criterion should form a part of every landlord and property managers rental business.

Reporting Rent Payments

The Landlord Credit Bureau facilitates the reporting of monthly Rent Payments by landlords. Reporting Rent Payments each month is the most effective way to minimize risk of rental income loss.

Where tenants know that late rent payments or non-payment of rent may affect future rental accommodations, they are more likely to pay on time. Tenants can gain access too... and monitor own tenant history on Landlord Credit Bureau.

The Residential Rental Industry will be networked, that includes landlords and tenants. High and low risk tenants will be identified and the Industry will become a better place when risk owing to bad tenants is eliminated.

Our Notice to Tenant form advises the tenant of consequences for late rent payments, non-payment of rent, and damage to rental property that results in a debt. This makes an impact statement, it prevents risk, and it’s FREE.

Low Risk or Good Tenants can receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy at the end of the lease period. This is a benefit and a tremendous reward for tenants who pay on time and fulfill their lease obligations.

These two forms serve to make the renting experience a better one for landlords and tenants. They can be obtained after you become a member. There is no membership fee, no annual fee etc. But we need to know who YOU are before requesting consumer reports.

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