Criminal Record Check

The National Criminal Report that TVS obtains for you, searches criminal conviction, sexual offender registry and Department of Corrections records from across the United States and provides information on any found matches to your applicant.

Choose from the Please select a state at the bottom of the page to determine if we can obtain criminal record information and sexual offender information from your State.

Please note that where it states Court Searches, those searches are done manually on an as requested basis and are not part of the electronic information that is provided in a criminal record search by TVS.

TIP: To further minimize risk you may want to contact the County Court House where the Prospective Tenant has previously resided and search for criminal records at that location which should be available as Public Records. The information provided by the National Criminal Report should not be totally relied on; it should be viewed as one aspect of your tenant screening process to help minimize risk.

The National Criminal Report contains:

  • Source/type of record (state court/Department of Corrections, county court, etc.)
  • Offense description
  • Various dates (offense, conviction, prison admission and release)
  • Additional identifying information (height, weight, race, hair color and eye color)
  • Case reference codes for further research
  • Over 700,000 photos from Department of Corrections Records and Sexual Offender Registries

Tenant screening should include a criminal record check that reduces liability risk.

The fee is $16.95 for a National Criminal Record Check and Sexual Offender Check. Please note that the fee applies whether there is a record or not, TVS pays a fee each time the database is accessed.

This fee is discounted for Associations, Property Managers, Apartment Owners and other Organizations that request numerous Credit Checks on a monthly basis. There is no other fee for the TVS service.

Select a State to view the Criminal Record Coverage in your area:

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