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  • Know your Tenant Rights, Tenants Information, Tenant Screening

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    Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy.

TVS has a very efficient Service with great Customer support for every Landlord, Property Manager and Real Estate Broker or Agent who wishes to do tenant screening.

Tenant Screening, Landlord Screening, Connect Screening


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#1: Experian Connect

Tenants order and pay for the Service when they order their own reports. As soon as the applicant has ordered, reports appear in your TVS dashboard. This process prevents fraud, eliminates identity theft and tells you something about the applicant. How quickly they order the report(s) may be an indicator as to how motivated, how respectful and how mindful they are of your request to follow rules. There is NO COST to the Landlord for this Service.

#2: Trans Union Short Report

No site Inspection required. Recommended for Landlords who have less than 5 rental properties and wish to charge a screening fee and order own reports.

#3: Trans Union Full Report

Site inspection required. Recommended for Property Managers and landlords with 5 or more rental units and wish to charge a screening fee and order own reports.

Tenant screening that includes a tenant background check with current and previous landlord, a tenant criminal search and tenant eviction search should be conducted by you in each instance where a new applicant is considered for rent. Where this is the criteria for every applicant, it will minimize the risk of rental income loss and the perception of discrimination.

Reporting Rent Payments and identifying good tenants and those who are a liability ... benefits the residential rental industry.

TVS helps landlords with a better R.O.I. (Return on Investment), and it helps tenants develop a positive rent history which is a benefit.

TVS is a Premier Tenant Screening and Background Check Service that is easy to use, fast and efficient.

  • Good tenants should be rewarded when they pay the rent on time and fulfill their lease obligations. TVS does that!
  • High risk tenants should be identified so that they do not continue to use landlords and property managers as a revolving line of credit. TVS does that!

TVS enhances the Renting Experience for Landlords and Tenants!

Tenant Background Check, Tenant Screening, Individual Screening


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When have you heard that tenant screening benefits tenants? It does and here is why.

  • Tenant screening, minimizes the risk of renting to high-risk tenants who don't pay rent, damage rental property, are involved in criminal activity etc. These risk factors can affect everybody and it is a landlord's responsibility to protect the rental community by doing what is reasonable in that endeavor. Nobody wants to be at risk because someone chooses not to obey rules, and has a negative impact on lifestyle
  • Landlords and property managers want to know who's getting the key to an expensive piece of real estate and they want to ensure that it's going to be looked after. They want to make sure that the rent will be paid and that it's on time. This serves to enhance every tenant's rental experience, because where tenant and landlord respect and cooperate with each other, life is better.

Tenant screening benefits tenants!

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